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A Deep Dive Into Women’s March 2021

A Deep Dive Into Women’s March 2022
A Deep Dive Into Women’s March 2022

Aurat March (Women’s March) started in Pakistan in 2018 on international women’s day,

It was leaded at that time in mostly big and metropolitan cities of Pakistan and afterwards became an international event. Aurat March is a movement taken for raising voice for rights of women. Pakistan has been numbered 151 of 153 countries of the world for the cruelty on women, which is done by murder, rape, sexual assault, public assault, acid attacks, verbal abuse, domestic abuse and many more. So this movement was necessary to be taken place in Pakistan.

Even in 2018 and 2019 the feminist activist faced criticism by different Islamic groups of Pakistan who announced that these actions are promoting “Vulgarity” in Pakistan, it’s an act of w

estern civilization and is destroying the actual culture of Pakistan. But in 2020 the opponents couldn’t bear the idea of women talking for their rights and took nasty actions against them.

In Islamabad a group of Islamic conservatives who owned a radical mosque, attacked on women with sticks and threw stones at them and a lot of feminists were reported injured afterwards, moreover they stood in their way and were not letting them complete the march which they forcefully did in the end. In 2020 the slogans created by the activists were mocked, most of all “Mera Jisam, Meri Marzi” (My body, my choice). Miss Marvi Sarmad made this slogan and was verbally abused for promoting vulgarity. In a live show a very famous conservative playwright abused her verbally on television to which Marvi Sarmad said that its not the first time she is facing such conduct Men have sick idea in their mind that they own the bodies of women and that is the reason they can’t bear women saying that they are the owners of their bodies and masters of their souls.A Deep Dive Into Women’s March 2022

Another active vocalist Miss Nida Kirmani a Professor of Sociology at LUMS tried to explain the meaning of that slogan saying it meant that no one can perform sexual abuse, harass a woman or even stare at her body without her permission. But still man like Fazal u Rehman the head of an Islamic political party didn’t agree. Miss Sonya Rehman a famous playwright said,  “Men don’t like that women are claiming public spaces by marching on the roads for their rights,” she said,

“I fully support the march because it demands economic and social justice for the working-class women,” she added.

While women vocalists said that Aurat March gives women the courage to speak up to the injustice that is being done in this country for years. Miss Leena Ghani said : “The public debate that ‘Aurat March’ has triggered is groundbreaking,” she said.

“Men, for centuries, believed they owned women’s bodies, so a placard asserting a woman’s right to her own body is not going down well with them.”

In 2020 a group of Islamic conservatives provoked a case in court that this act must stop because it is violating the true meaning of islam and promoting vulgarity, but court ceased to act on such a sick thought and women continue to raise voice for their rights and will in the years ahead fighting their opponents.


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