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Why Najma Parveen failed in Tokyo Olymics 2020


Najma Parveen is a Pakistani sprinter, born on 20th December, 1990 in Faisalabad. She started her career as athlete from school, when she was in 6th grade.

Why Najma failed in olymics? Truth unveiled!

Najma Parveen is a Pakistani sprinter, born on 20th December, 1990 in Faisalabad. She started her career as athlete from school, when she was in 6th grade. Her teacher selected her for athletics competitions because of her height. Initially Najma Parveen refused to take part in any competition, she told her teacher that she does not want to compete in any athletic competition, but Najma was threatened with expulsion from school by her teacher. Najma accidentally became a sprinter due to her teacher’s stubbornness. Since then, Najma has won 42 national medals, she also holds record of fastest women sprinter of Pakistan. 

Najma Parveen peaked in 2019, when she represented Pakistan in South Asian games, held in Nepal. She was in the form of her life. Najma delivered her career best performance in Nepal. She participated in four different competitions, and won medal in each. While representing Pakistan in 400 meters hurdles race in Nepal, she managed to finish 1st and won gold for Pakistan.

She earned two sliver medals and a bronze medal in South Asian Games 2019. In national games she finished 200 meter mark in the record 23 seconds and became the fastest sprinter ever to represent Pakistan at any level. 

She made headlines again, when she earned universality spot in Tokyo Olympics. She made  women 200 meter’s race. But to her bad, she finished last, not only last but she was two seconds late from the competitor who finished six.

She is being criticized by different sports experts for her pathetic performance.  She is accused of being darling to the Olympics Board and Sport Board of Pakistan. Are these allegations true? Was her selection made on personal likes and dislikes?


Let’s start the autopsy to find out the truth. Mournful performance of Pakistani athletes in Olympics opened up a new Pandora box, among which, Najma Parveen is most controversial. Was she even capable of representing Pakistan on highest level? Answer is no.

You must have been shocked and dismayed. Najma Parveen was not even fully fit, still she was sent to Olympics, corrupt Olympics Board sent her despite her fitness issues just to facilitate an official. The Olympic Board and Pakistan sports board used Najma, to carry out sightseeing of their darling official. 

After commendable performance in South Asian Games, Najma Parveen got married and took a long break from athletics. Since her marriage, she was not participating in any training session. Pakistan Athletics Federation was completely unaware of her fitness. Pakistan Athletics Federation wrote a letter to Pakistan Sports Federation and informed them about Najma’s situation.

Najma Parveen did not Appeared  in training camp, set up for the preparation of Olympics. Pakistan Athletic Federation asked Pakistan Sports Board to expel Najma’s name from Olympics.

Najma was forcibly sent to Tokyo due to a nexus between Pakistan Sports Board and Pakistan Olympic Federation. Remember, the coach who was sent with Najma for Olympics campaign was not even a qualified one. Coach’s only qualification was the personal favoritism of Presidents of Sports Board and Olympics Board.  

Najma Parveen, no doubt is a national hero of Pakistan. She has made Pakistan proud at many occasions. She is confronting allegations owing to corrupt Sports Board.

She is the only women athlete to represent Pakistan two times in Olympics. She has won approximately 46 major medals in her entire career. A girl from Faisalabad, who did not wanted to be an athlete, who won four medals in South Asian Games, who holds the record of Pakistan’s fastest female sprinter is now facing allegations because of the corrupt President, who is running Olympics Board from last seventeen years, still Pakistan has to win a Medal.

As a Pakistani we should own and respect out heroes. Pakistani athletes without any support, without any sponsor, they managed to wear green color and they made green color proud. We should bash this corrupt system instead of athletes. Najma Parveen’s case is a big question mark upon the capability and eligibility of Olympics board president. Prime minister Imran khan has pledged to improve the sports culture in remaining years of his tenure.

Hoping his eyes catch this scandal, and proper investigation and justice prevail.


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