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Man is not made for defeat Man Power’s


    Man is not made for defeat

In The Old Man and the Sea by Ernst Hemingway, Santiago says, “A man can be destroyed but not defeated”. It is to elaborate on the wisdom, self-esteem, and self-confidence of a man. You can destroy someone, morally, physically, emotionally but you cannot defeat him as it is narrated, ”Failure is not fatal, defeat is not deadly until you surrender.’

With each time you fail there’s a lesson to be learned. Everyone should have an undying attitude to hold on to, keep motivating ourselves to not give up. Because we will no doubt not be defeated until the day we give up. Our whole life needs to be based upon trying, again and again, no matter what. As Samuel Beckett said,

”Ever Tried.
Ever Failed.
No Matter.
Try Again.
Fail Again.
Fail Better.”

The point we need to know is failure is not defeat failure is a part of life. If we throw a glance at all the history makers, all the successful men in this world, all of them have witnessed failures at some point in life. But they never give up at that instant they learn from that failure and makes sure they don’t make the same mistake again.

Let’s take Károly Takács for example he was a known athlete of his time, he was an extraordinary shooter he was about to take part in Olympics but in 1938 he had an accident and he lost his right hand which he has trained for so many years, so what? did he gave up? No! he started training his left hand for shooting, after training a whole year, in 1939 a national competition in Hungary was held and he participated in it and competed with his left hand, and he Won.

He then focused on 1940 when Olympics were going to be held. But 1940s Olympics were cancelled due to world war then he waited for 1944s Olympics and they were cancelled as well, and in the end during the 1938s Olympics he participated.

And he Won. He participated in 1952s Olympics as well, and he won aagai

He’s an example for all of us out there. Some people no doubt use these failures as an excuse for giving up. But the history makers, the revolutionary personalities, they never give up using those excuses. The ladder to success is eroded with thorns but the one who overcomes them fight the defeat because man is not made to be defeated.

When a failure or lets say a defeat comes in our way we need to take it as a signal that the plan we’re making towards our goal, our achievement, our success is not sound it needs to be reviewed to be rescheduled, to eradicate the little faults we didn’t see and then make our way towards our goal.

Failures are a part of past and Past is not a home to live in, it’s not something to hold on it’s something to let go of. To become successful, we need not to become ordinary, we need to join the clan of extraordinary because success or victory is something everyone can enjoy, Only history makers bear failures. Failures only strengthen you. You are never as strong as you become after a failure. After facing failure the easiest and most logical things to do is give up what most men do. But almost all the successful man when tell about their success stories there’s this one failure, one defeat that comes their way before achieving the best.

A man’s true character is never revealed in victory it is revealed through failures and defeats. Because failures are the best teachers of your life you’ll ever encounter. Of course life is not a bed of roses for anyone. As Maya Angelou says,

“While one may encounter many defeats, one must not be defeated.”

Loss, failure, pain, defeat, destruction, they all demand to be felt. Because only after taking them in, seeing them through we can pinpoint where we went wrong. Defeat is not actually a failure but not trying after it is, giving up at that moment is actually a failure. No one ever imagine or sees defeat coming their way but when it actually comes the only good thing to do being loyal to yourself is to do it right. Taking a note where you went wrong and doing it right.

To be honest it is not the people who have passed away who are dead rather than those who have given up in the face of defeat. Those who can’t say ”Back off!” to the defeat coming their way, those who can not learn from their failures. One thing to keep in mind is Never, Never ever surrender, because surrendering is intentionally laying down the wisdom, the will power, everything that you possess. And whenever you feel like doing that question yourself the personal power you laying down ain’t more than the power you are laying in front of?

We must know that even failing we can steal a little bit of victory just by empowering in front of the failure. Empowering what needs to be done right. Despite defeat’s ugliness it is our only way to resurrection it is not something to be crying for it’s something to be learnt from.

Wisdom and cowardice are sometimes mistaken and confused when we choose to stay down and not fight back because of our cowardice we name it as wisdom what we need to do is stand back up, and fight back that is the way to overcome cowardice with the help of wisdom. Defeat is not misery not a tragedy it’s life ways of going on and on and spicing up a little bit to set examples to produce history makers, revolutionists, scientist, astronomers, world changers. When things don’t go in your journey towards your destination the way you wanted them to go do not lose hope because that is to say is an act of cowardice. Let it go by as it is going and keep nourishing it, learning when you fall and learning when you fail. Because failure is not fatal defeat is not deadly until you surrender. As Lailah Gifty Akita says,

“Do not give in to defeat. Find a way to do what must be done.”


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