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Best Marriage & Why Relationships Change After Marriage

Best MARRIAGE Lehartv


“A blank sheet of paper becomes lighter when someone holds it with you “Korean Proverb.

This is why Allah has command us of marriage. To solve out, sort out and reel out the matters of yours life by knowing that there is someone standing firm for you. Most beautiful, defined and contented to soul relation is between husband and his wife. Most cherishing, enlighten and mesmerizing builds up this relation.

Marriage?  It is not about only seeking physical leisure but it nourishes the soul, elevates the emotional backup and above of all provides a safest way to emotional companionship.

Isn`t it beautiful? That a girl leave her home , her beloved ones just for becoming life time partner of a stranger, but with believe and optimistisczm .  And isn’t this more beautiful that a man promises to be with her and keep on fulfilling, earning for her without show offing.   He devotes his whole comprised life on behalf of love he had for her.

This is then those two innocent souls becomes unit so the most unexpected turns out the very beautiful beyond limits.


When your partner understands you, considers you, when circle of respect is not taken for granted, when love romanticism and above of all giving worth becomes element of your relationship then repression and irony turns into red hot iron. Then you feel the most contented and most valuable object on earth. And it’s all in your hand either to make it or break it. But trust me having LIFE PARTNER by accommodating marriage is the most versatile act ever.

Darling, let’s Dance

Let’s forget the past

Let’s make some love

Let’s exchange some puff

Let’s break the shell     

Let’s be in fairy well

Let’s hug

Let’s share the shrug

Oh MY DARLING, it may seem unusual, but its true I am into you,,,

What could be more lavishing than this; marriage. It is those strings of guitar which turns the ordinary melody into irresistible one. It is the shining beam of hope which replaces barren land into crops full of grains. It`s the water which cleans the heart and give peace to mind.  The noble blessing of Allah which he showers on his creatures.

Hence it is clearly mention in Hades Marriage is for protecting your Emaan. It is like half of your faith. So avoid conflicts and get marry.

 Today will be perfect

In every single way

A beautiful fairy tale

For our wedding days

Acknowledging and most classical act of human being is that they perform pre marriage formalities for instance Nikkah which implicitly includes culture an area where they belongs. This, then formulates the whole society, tribe and a Nation.

Endowment of emotions the hormones, thrills, respect, reproduction, physical involvement emotional companionship, contented body, satisfactory soul spiritual enhancement, mental peace and lots of other boxes are present in container of marriage.


It’s a beautiful fairy tale of sharing puffs and shrugs, more than friendship and long lasting promises of infinite time.

Marriage is not perfection but it touches the peaks of perfection because of you because of me. Yeah I agree, lots of problems arise between husband and his wife. They do fight but that trauma is handle able. As we know beauty of roses become meaningless without discussing the cruelty of its thorns’, so is marriage. Though its poetical reflections will never be dead. Since it demands us to always take radical stances.

To sum up, go and wander, look for a partner whom your soul suits then just marry it’s the most we can do in this least world. Because life will become lighter when someone stands by you. Good luck

 Oh MY DARLING, it may seem unusual, but it’s true I am into you: